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D31-17 Lower Rollers [ Come Back ]
Model I Specification A B E G M L
Bulldozer Series D31 198 170 154 285 240 17.5

Composition: Collar, Shaft, Copper Sleeve, Shell, Floating Seal
Material: 23MnB, or 26MnB (carbon amount determines the degree of hardness)
Process: the overall quenching
Core hardness & Surface hardness: 42-52HRC
Material: Q7450-10
Quenched and tempered:
Ultra-audio (standard process) 2-4mm surface depth of hardness (medium frequency process 3-8mm)
High-frequency processing (ultra-audio) shallow 0.5-1mm

Material: 45 # or 42CrMo (standard)
Process: surface quenching
Surface hardness: 54-58 HRC
3、Copper Layer
Material: CuPb, copper and iron
Copper layer thickness: about 0.35mm
Inside and outside: 6-6

4、Floating Seal
Material: Powder Metallurgy (low cost, high oil leak filter)
High chromium cast iron
Surface hardness: 62-70HRC
Rubber seal: Nitrile Rubber
Surface hardness: 65-70 HRC
Filling gear oil
Material: 50Mn
Treatment: surface depth treatment medium frequency processing 3-8mm
Welding and then machining
Size & Heat Treatment
Lines of the four screw holes (mounting dimensions)
Center pitch
Diameter (18,20,22 mm)
The diameter of the rail surface
Series 100: Φ140 (Φ130)
Series 200: Φ160 (Φ150)
Series 300: Φ180 (Φ170)
Series 400: Φ200
Surface heating temperature: 865 ° C (± 5 °)
Water cooling
Drilling in the round body
Filling hole
Pressure test: 0.5-0 .6 mPa. (First pressure test and fuel) testing for leaks in the water
Program: installed - try (pressure) - and (oil) - to run ,   80-90Pa gear oil
Welding: Friction welding
Port: Xiamen
Minimum Order Quantity: 2 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month can improve
Payment Terms: T/T
Packaging Detail: wooden case/pallet
Delivery Detail: 3-10 days after the payment
Certificate: ISO9002
Warranty time: 6 months
Service: OEM and after-sale service

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